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Town Fall Zombie is an open world zombie simulation game. Although it can be played as a single player for now, we are planning to add Coop mode after early access. We control the Zombie in the game and we have a completely independent gameplay. What you want to do is entirely up to you.Put your attitude towards AI, which are different from each other and are not clear what to do. Try to turn the whole town into zombies, Roam freely and enjoy the fun of messing around, Compete to collect the highest score, Join fun fights, or experience the difference of driving as a Zombie. We combined it all in one game.


As an Alpha Zombie, try to cause as much destruction as you can, completely like a zombie. The game is compared to a traditional goat game, except that instead of pretending to be a goat, you are an alpha zombie, destroying everything. You have skills such as Holding, Launching, Transforming into a Zombie, controlling other zombies as an Alpha zombie. Or if you want to scatter all, drive and have fun. It’s entirely up to you. When it comes to zombies, even walls and houses are not obstacles, you can even get very angry and spoil the game ..



Town Fall Zombie is a game for entertainment purposes only and does not contain a serious epidemic simulation. We recommend that you buy and play without forgetting that it is meant to be funny and fun.


What would it be like to live as a zombie? This is where the whole story started. We made this game to see and understand how the world can become a beater by playing as a zombie. We aimed to be as fun and funny as possible. We hope you will experience the full reality of being an alpha zombie while having fun in the open world.


  • You can be a zombie
  • Get points by fighting - brag to your friends for being an alpha zombie
  • Try to transform the whole town
  • Show them how a zombie is car driving
  • Control other zombies as alpha zombies
  • MILLIONS OF BUGS! We just fix crash bugs, everything else is fun and we keep them
  • Physics for the game that constantly loses itself
  • Think as a zombie and play with his point of view
  • Can you become a true Alpha Zombie?



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About Codexcited:

Codexcited Games Studio © is an independent game development team founded in 2020. Our main goal is to develop fun games despite difficult conditions and possibilities. We are taking firm steps on this path.

Codexcited founded by 2 young and dynamic talented indie developers in March 2020.

Our main goal is to make creative and fun games. We are a team that works hard to make our projects the best quality. We all work independently from our homes and strive to make our games by taking advantage of the opportunities we have.

We also have many forward-looking projects. There are separate plans for each. We hope to develop and show you many games, including different genres, in the future. Continue to follow us.

The first goal of the studio to promote Turkey’s creativity and game development and improve.

The gaming industry is expanding. The difference of video game culture between Asian and western countries is changing. Some games and game platforms are already reducing gap, but there is still some work to be done. As an independent game development team, he has a desire to be recognized internationally.

Town Fall Zombie will be our first game. 2 people are currently working intensively on this project. We are considering opening up with this fun game and we wish to be in front of you with more serious and quality productions for the future.

Our team is small, but the studio wants to provide a real speaking with you about our games. We want to share more about us and our games. It will be a priority for the studio to develop and structure it to build a community studio.


Ümit Eski

Indie Game Developer, Game Designer. A game-addicted developer who has been doing game reviews and promotions on the Press and Youtube for a long time, and also a Twitch broadcaster.

Hakan Büyükdurur

Hakan is young and ambitious gameplay programmer of this game.




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